Engineering and Design

Our design team works within the food, pharma and advanced manufacturing sectors, delivering challenging capital projects right across the nation. In doing so, we help our clients boost productivity, reduce risk and improve their bottom line.

Experts in the design of innovative solutions to complex issues, over recent years we’ve become the partner of choice for many of the UK’s largest and most recognisable manufacturing businesses, designing new or adapted facilities that add real, measurable value to their organisations.

Working in an environment that fosters innovation and freedom of thought, we design intelligently around existing operations to ensure minimal impact and maximum productivity for our clients.”

Guided by robust internal management systems and a genuine understanding of regulatory best practice, our time-served designers deliver safe, compliant solutions to our clients’ problems. What’s more, by working far more collaboratively than is the norm, they form a uniquely holistic view of their projects, designing out conflict, mitigating risk and reducing the chance of budgetary and programme overruns in the process.

Engineering & Design
Engineering and design services



  • Food and Beverage
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Advanced Manufacturing


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8 reason to choose us



Our time-served, professional team is made up of the best and brightest people in the industry; trusted individuals with decades of experience in their fields.


The way we act as people, rather than simply the bottom line, defines us as a business. We’re committed to acting honestly, ethically and decently at all times.


We put the health, safety and well-being of our team, the public and all other project stakeholders ahead of everything else, regardless of cost.


We use our expertise and industry experience, devising innovative solutions to our clients' challenges. In doing so we boost productivity, performance and more.


Our management systems are built upon complete transparency. Our clients will always have full visibility throughout all stages of their projects.


Unlike many of our competitors, we're committed to being wholly accountable for our works, sharing risk in a manner tailored to our clients' expectations.


Despite offering what we believe is a superior service, we’re still able to offer significantly better value for money than our larger, international competitors.


Our unique structure and robust systems allow us to respond to and execute projects of all sizes, from small standalone jobs to multi-million pound schemes.

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