Significant competition within the global pharmaceuticals market is imposing ever-increasing demands upon manufacturers to get products to market quicker and more efficiently than ever before.

With new products comes the need for larger and more advanced research and production infrastructure; advanced facilities that deliver greater capacity and efficiency without compromising the safety or productivity of current operations.

We help pharmaceutical companies reach their goals and react to market conditions via the efficient development of innovative and sustainable facilities.”

Delivering cutting-edge capital projects within live production environments, we use the very latest in innovative technology and techniques to extract maximum value from your budget. Regardless of your scheme’s size or complexity, our procurement specialists leverage your project’s supply chain to minimise costs whilst guaranteeing quality and programme.




Having managed some of the most sophisticated and challenging pharmaceutical and biotech projects in Europe, we’ve developed a level of in-house experience and expertise rarely seen in firms of our type…

It’s no wonder, therefore, that we’ve developed a range of innovative systems and procedures, designed to control the project delivery process whilst ensuring both compliance and the safety of those involved.

That said, despite our robust internal frameworks, we prefer to work with our clients rather than simply for them, getting to know their team, their stakeholders, their motivations and challenges. In doing so, we can propose a bespoke combination of services, tailored to meet and future proof the exact needs of their business.

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Our time-served, professional team is made up of the best and brightest people in the industry; trusted individuals with decades of experience in their fields.


The way we act as people, rather than simply the bottom line, defines us as a business. We’re committed to acting honestly, ethically and decently at all times.


We put the health, safety and well-being of our team, the public and all other project stakeholders ahead of everything else, regardless of cost.


We use our expertise and industry experience, devising innovative solutions to our clients' challenges. In doing so we boost productivity, performance and more.


Our management systems are built upon complete transparency. Our clients will always have full visibility throughout all stages of their projects.


Unlike many of our competitors, we're committed to being wholly accountable for our works, sharing risk in a manner tailored to our clients' expectations.


Despite offering what we believe is a superior service, we’re still able to offer significantly better value for money than our larger, international competitors.


Our unique structure and robust systems allow us to respond to and execute projects of all sizes, from small standalone jobs to multi-million pound schemes.

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