Advanced Manufacturing

SEP Professional Services has been meeting the design-build and construction management needs of the advanced manufacturing industry, having built or extended facilities covering many thousands of square feet across the UK and Europe.

SEP has the experience to deliver a quality manufacturing construction project, regardless what products are being produced, and our clients return to us time after time because they value our project management and construction expertise.

A testament to the quality of our service, Cargill's (a leading global food manufacturer) has frequently returned to SEP Professional Services for subsequent expansion and new building construction projects.

Our specialties include projects that have extremely tight schedules, design/build projects, and projects where on-going operations must not be interrupted by construction activities. Many of these projects have been completed on “fast track” schedules. SEP has also completed extensive addition/renovation projects to operating facilities without any interruption to day-to-day productivity.

Aggressive timelines are typical for high-tech manufacturing or industrial construction projects. SEP Professional Services keeps collaboration, safety and the unique complexities of those facilities top of mind. Our Principal Designers and Principal Contractors are best of breed and experts in advanced manufacturing.