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Total Project Solutions

Established in 1986, SEP has been the industry’s leader for site engineering, surveying and professional services for over 30 years. We have become a fully fledged one stop shop service, with our experts able to assist in all construction matters from start to finish. This includes initial design through to final project handover.

Over 500 SEP personnel are on sites across the UK, from senior staff running projects and teams through to more junior people undertaking differing construction roles.

Our Departments:

  • Professional Services
  • Site Engineering Personnel
  • Technical Services
  • Survey & Engineering Projects
  • Drainage Surveys
  • Rail Services
  • Insurance Services

Total project solutions

From conception through to handover, our top-quality experts have proven experience of successfully managing complex construction projects – on spec, on time, and on budget.

We are also one of the leading suppliers of high-quality personnel for senior roles within the construction and civil engineering industries. These experts are on hand to assist at the beginning of a project, or if additional resource or expertise is required mid-way through to get a difficult project back on track.

SEP Professional Services supports the construction industry with first class training and competent health & safety advice for a range of clients. We operate throughout the UK – specialising in the construction, civil engineering and demolition industries – providing engaging training for all staff and subcontractors from operatives to senior management. On-site or off-site training is available, depending on your business’s specific needs.

How we can help you

Capital Projects and Construction Management

SEP Professional Services have expertise in the initiation, project management and delivery of significant capital projects in a variety of different sectors. These range from small/medium projects through to multi-site, multi-million-pound capital projects – on time and on budget.

Our capital project risk management improves project performance time, budget and schedule. When this is embedded throughout a capital project, it will ensure the timely completion of projects and minimise cost overruns and delays. We have an unequivocal commitment to health and safety.

We can provide the following services, from the outset or part-way through your capital project:

• Concepts and Feasibility Studies
• Project Management
• Principal Designers
• Principal Contractors
• Construction Management

Managed Services

Performance Management of construction projects enables us to agree and monitor KPI’s, sustainability and health & safety performance as part of the SEP managed service capabilities.

These include client satisfaction, quality, cost predictability, time predictability and safety.

SEP Professional Services provide a hands-on approach to managing projects, from inception to completion, by deploying our expert people to meet the demands of each client. Our professionals provide an end-to-end solution that our blue chip customers have utilised for projects large and small.

Facilities Management

Our Facilities Management (FM) team are experts at building and site maintenance. Whilst many of our FM customers derive from our construction projects, numerous clients have asked us to take over the facilities management of their buildings and sites.

Our FM services can be utilised during or post construction, especially when a site is being built in phases and is operational.

These include:

• Building Maintenance
• Access Systems
• Wire Testing
• Fire Safety
• Air Conditioning
• Site Security

Secondment of Personnel

SEP Professional Services provides flexible and reliable resource solutions for both industrial and commercial clients, who require high quality professionals in construction and project management.

We supply globally recognised companies with strong decision makers either at the start of a project, or often to help get a major project back on track. We have fast and flexible outsourcing solutions for clients who have a requirement for professionals in project and construction management, health and safety, project/site supervision and commercial/procurement.

SEP only provide the very best people if your construction project needs extra skilled resource and leadership.

 H&S and EHS Consultancy & Risk Management

Our health & safety experts will ensure best of breed HSE practices are implemented on your facility/facilities, with robust risk management procedures also in place.

This will ensure that your current (and future) operations apply the very best risk management protocols to keep staff and contractors as safe as possible.

Our unique position in the market allows us to identify practical and proactive control measures that achieve significant mitigation in regards to risk management.

Please visit our Health & Safety pages to read more and discover the areas we can assist in.


Operating throughout the UK, we support a number of our Clients, as well as the Construction industry, with mandatory and specialist training courses.

Recognising that training is not simply about achieving legislative compliance, we take great pride in constructing and delivering courses which offer real value and benefit to both the individual and the Client.

Our accredited Centre can provide and facilitate traditional courses such as Site Safety Plus and IOSH, through to more advanced, holistic and cultural training utilising the hearts and minds programme.

Integrating training within an operational schedule is always challenging and we will always offer a flexible delivery model that is tailored to your business.


I had the pleasure of working with the team from SEP Professional Services when Programme Manager at Bio Products Laboratory (BPL), Watford, UK. The team provided by SEP Professional Services, which encompassed a large spectrum of the EPCM function, displayed a high level of professionalism and helped support BPL on its flagship project. This project, the first major capital build attempted by BPL in the better part of 30-years had been beset by issues from the outset. The focus and commitment of your team brought a stabilising effect and their focus on ensuring that the right outcome, rather than the expedient outcome, was achieved is a credit to your company’s ethos. Your team integrated quickly and seamlessly with a newly assembled BPL project team and quickly commenced recovering a difficult project, so much so that for the first time since the project commenced the schedule and budget remained unchanged while clear progress on the construction activities. I would have no hesitation is recommending SEP Professional Services to any business looking for a company who is interested in forming a mutually beneficial relationship with a professional, agile, focused EPCM. Paul Morrison | Director, Project Management Office

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