Services: Capital Projects and Construction Management

Total Project Solutions for Capital Project Programmes

SEP Professional Services has developed efficient and effective management processes for capital projects. This means that our clients are better positioned to achieve on-time and on-budget execution of capital projects, which achieves targeted operability and reduction in investment risk.

Our experts draw on the experience and knowledge they have gained from managing some complex and innovative capital projects to create a customised program for clients that emphasises front end planning, disciplined execution, and operational readiness.

In addition to enhancing the ultimate success of a project, we also help capital project owners (and finance teams) effectively define and manage the broad range of stakeholder needs and risks that are involved with investing in major capital projects.

SEP will provide a structured approach for planning and executing your capital projects through business, project and facility planning to project design, construction, start-up, and operation. Our Programme Managers and Project Mangers are highly skilled and use robust planning to ensure disciplined execution and risk mitigation at each project stage.

Total project solutions

From conception through to handover, our top-quality experts have proven experience of successfully managing complex construction projects – on spec, on time, and on budget.

We are also one of the leading suppliers of high-quality personnel for senior roles within the construction and civil engineering industries. These experts are on hand to assist at the beginning of a project, or if additional resource or expertise is required mid-way through to get a difficult project back on track.

SEP Professional Services supports the construction industry with first class training and competent health & safety advice for a range of clients. We operate throughout the UK – specialising in the construction, civil engineering and demolition industries – providing engaging training for all staff and subcontractors from operatives to senior management. On-site or off-site training is available, depending on your business’s specific needs.

SEP Professional Services

Capital Projects and Construction Management

Efficient and effective management of major capital project initiatives. Trust SEP to achieve on-time and on-budget execution of capital projects, achieving your targets in operational efficiency and minimising business risk.

Managed Services

SEP Professional Services provide a hands-on approach to managing projects, from inception to completion, by deploying our expert people to meet the demands of each client. Our professionals provide an end-to-end solution that our blue chip customers have utilised for projects large and small.

Facilities Management

Our Facilities Management team are experts at building and site maintenance. Ongoing maintenance and facilities management is vital for security, health and safety and operational efficiency of important commercial buildings.

Secondment of Personnel

SEP Professional Services provides flexible and reliable resource solutions for both industrial and commercial clients, who require high quality professionals in construction and project management. We supply globally recognised companies with strong decision makers either at the start of a project, or often to help get a major project back on track.

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