SEP Professional Services have built an unrivalled reputation as one of Europe's leading builders of pharmaceutical facilities. Critical quality is required for research and production facilities, and SEP's industry leading professionals take great care to deliver a first class building(s).

SEP has established innovative procedures and systems that are necessary to control the project delivery process. With experience managing the most sophisticated and challenging pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing projects in Europe, you can be assured that from conceptual design through validation, your business and operational goals will be successful.

Growing sustained competition within the pharmaceutical and chemical industries has placed growing pressure on companies to get products to market more quickly and efficiently. For the past 30+ years, we have assisted pharmaceutical companies reacting to market conditions and reaching their business goals through innovative and sustainable solutions that increase production, minimize waste, and optimize flexibility.

Our pharmaceutical teams include knowledgeable consultants who have real experience in the sector, having worked on pharmaceutical projects around Europe. SEP understands your challenges and corporate objectives, providing planning, design and construction solutions tailored to meet your business requirements.

Whether you need a partner to design a facility expansion, renovate or retrofit a legacy facility, consolidate your master planning, or maximize the capacity and efficiency of your current operations, you can count on SEP to assist in the plan and delivery of the right solutions for your project.

Case Study

Sector: Pharmaceutical

Client: BPL

Project Value: £25 million

SEP Professional Services were commissioned to take over this production capacity project, after sizable issues in its early phases of civil/structural installations. The project was a large extension of an existing building that would allow the clients engineering and production team to significantly increase production and plant room capacity over two floors.

It was vitally important to install the top experts to work with the existing on-site team, people that could lead the project in both the design and construction phase.

SEP have built up an unrivalled team over many years, and we delivered a best in class Principal Contractor, Principal Designer and Construction Manager to lead and manage the project.

All of these had extensive experience of leading £20m+ construction projects in the Pharmaceutical sector.

As a direct result of progress since the new team took over the management of the project, SEP Professional Services have been awarded both the shutdown project and a further new project from the same client.